Breaking Free from Negative Body Image

How many times a day do you think of weight loss or your personal flaws?

Maybe you skipped breakfast today to limit your caloric intake so it will help you lose weight. For lunch, you ate a salad with no dressing because that will help you lose weight. In the fitting rooms, you try on clothes and nothing seems to fit.

You just need to lose weight so you can be happy and comfortable with how you look in clothes. All your friends are all skinny except you. You wish you could eat like them and not worry about gaining weight.


Do any of these thoughts hit home for you friend? I know they all are thoughts that I have thought before. We can be so focused on weight loss and getting skinny, that we miss out on enjoying the life we have been given. I am guilty of this too.

I have said no to many pool parties because I didn’t want anyone to see my thick thighs or flabby stomach. There were times I said no to gatherings because I had gained weight since I last saw those people, and I was too embarrassed.

This is a tough topic. It hurts to talk about. There is so much pain associated with body image and self-worth.

Our society tells us (both men and women) to be sexy and attractive, we must look like super models. Models are the prime example of perfection, and if you don’t look like that, then you are flawed and there’s something wrong with you.

The more we hear and see that, the more we acknowledge it as truth. We begin to analyze our own body and realize we don’t look that way. We start to believe the lie that we need to change.

Friend, I have cried many times because I have been unhappy with the way I look. My legs are too big. I have acne scarring on my cheeks. There is a gap in my teeth. I don’t have abs. The list goes on and on. It is so unbelievably easy to pick apart our bodies and compare ourselves to what we believe is perfect or beautiful.


This week I was reminded and comforted by the truth that we humans are created in the image of God. If God is perfect, and I am created in His image, how can I sit here and say I am not good enough or perfect enough?

Friend, you and I are creating in His image! That means we are created beautifully and wonderfully, and exactly how God intended us to look. Gapped teeth, big calved, thick thighs and all!

It doesn’t matter what you look like. God’s love for you will never change. He will not love you more just because you lose weight. He doesn’t care about that! God cares about what is going on inside of you. What is your heart and mind focused on? Are you focused on the amazing things He has given you, and the fact that He loves you despite what you look like? Or are you focused on all that is “wrong” with your body? Friend, He thinks you look perfect, beautiful, amazing.

If you are used to looking inward at yourself and have become discontent with your body, your looks, your weight, I encourage you to look to Jesus. Remember what He says about you. You are created in His image. Nothing you do can change that! No amounts of exercise or pounds of kale can make God love you more than He does right now!

So again, I challenge you to be encouraged, knowing you are created in God’s image. Your body is perfect.

Turn off the noise of society telling you that you need to look a certain way to finally be happy. That is a lie. If that is your focus, you will find you are still discontent no matter what your weight, no matter how many surgeries you get done, no matter how fit you look.

Put your joy in the assurance that you were created perfectly, exactly as you were meant to look. May that be your and my focus this week.

Happy Sunday friends.


    • katerinafaith

      Hi Kelly! Of course! Our conversation encouraged me, and I just wanted to share how God touched my heart with these truths! You are not alone in your thoughts and struggles, we all have them! What makes you different is your identity in Christ and your ability to rely on Him for strength in those moments of struggle! Have a great week as well, I can’t wait to talk again soon!

  • Erin

    You are seriously the freaking CUTEST! That first photo on this post is adorable!! This has really touched me as I start a workout/fitness journey and am having a hard time being patient about results. Will take this to heart!

    • katerinafaith

      Hey Erin, THANK YOU!! You are too kind! I am so glad you resonated with this post! Starting anything new is a challenge! I hope the truth that you are loved no matter your “success” in your fitness journey! I am glad to hear you are being a good steward of the body you have been given! Good luck in your journey! I hope you learn a lot about yourself and you continue growing everyday!

    • katerinafaith

      Thank you Julia, you are so sweet! It is definitely a prevalent problem that we all face at some point! Have a great week!

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