Home Workouts vs. Gym Workouts

You want to get in shape, but you don’t know if you should give home workouts a shot, or if signing up for a gym membership would give you the best results.

Well friend, you have come to the right place. Today I am going to discuss the pros and cons of both Home Workouts and Gym Workouts, so you can make the most informed decision for YOUR body, YOUR schedule, and YOUR life! Let’s dive in!

Home Workout Pros


When you choose to work out at home, there is no membership or monthly fee you need to pay! For many, this is a deal breaker! Why pay extra money to exercise when you can do it at home, for free? It is true, there is no fee to exercise at home, unless you want more equipment. The more you exercise, the stronger your body gets, and the more equipment you will potentially need to get more gains!!

Equipment could be as cheap as a few resistance bands, or expensive as machines and dumbbells. If you are not interested in purchasing equipment, then the FREE aspect of home workouts is a huge PRO for you!


Another home workout PRO is the freedom! You can wear what you want, blast the music as loud as you want, and you don’t have to wait for anyone to finish using any equipment! There is definitely more freedom when you are at home versus at the gym.


Privacy is another huge PRO in my opinion. I am a fan of high intensity movements like burpees, jump lunges, and plank jacks. When I go to the gym, I feel like these types of movements are taboo. Most gym goers are there for the machines, not for floor or mat work. However, at home, I can do all the movements I want without worrying if I am in the way, or jumping around too much.

When you work out at home, you never feel like people are watching you! This used to be a HUGE deal breaker for me! I hated going to the gym because I felt like so many people were there judging me and watching me wander around the gym reading the instructions for each piece of equipment. It was uncomfortable for me, and I always exercised 100 times harder when I worked out at home when no one watching me.


The last home workout PRO I want to mention is the ability for creativity. Yes, you can get this at a gym as well, but at home you can do all sorts of workouts, whenever you want, and on your schedule. You want to do yoga? Turn on a video and do yoga at 5:00am. You don’t have to wait for a scheduled class time or work around your favorite instructor’s schedule.

Workout what you want to workout whenever you want. There is room for creativity and for what works best for you! If you like the flexibility, then this is another PRO to consider!

Home Workout Cons

Now, let’s discuss a few CONS of exercising at home.


As mentioned above, the more you exercise, the stronger your body will become. This typically calls for heavier weight, more videos, or more equipment to challenge your muscles. This can become expensive, and is something to keep in mind when making your decision.

Competition, or lack thereof

Another con of working out at home is the lack of competition. If you are anything like me, I become motivated by seeing others workout. I see a girl squatting, and I want to squat more than her!

If competition is important to you, you may notice you work out harder at the gym than you do at home. This could be because you are feeling extra motivated by the gym ambiance, which you don’t necessarily get at home.

A way to combat this is to have some accountability. There are many programs you can join where you are exercising on a call with other people. This could help motivate you to push yourself harder than you would on your own. Another way is simply exercising along with a video. The people in the video can be your competition. Or you can compete with your spouse or friend at home! When you have someone else there pushing you, it can be much more motivating than trying to push yourself!


Exercising at home may be tough for many people due to all of the distractions. The laundry needs to be put away, the dishes need to be washed, and the kiddos are crying! It could be a challenge to work out at home when there are things competing for your attention! This could affect your workout intensity which would in turn affect your overall results. Yes distractions can even arise at the gym, but they are more prevalent at home.

You know yourself better than anyone. If you know you are someone who is easily distracted, just know it may be more of a challenge to get your workout done at home! It’s still doable, but again, I am just here to show you the pros and cons so you can make the best decision for your own life!

Gym Workout Cons

You gotta GO

To work out at the gym, you actually have to GO to the gym. For some, it’s way more work to get in the car and drive to another location to workout. Because there is more work involved, it’s so much easier to say, “No I don’t want to drive over there today!”


Gyms can get busy! I REFUSE to go to the gym on a Monday night. The gym gets PACKED during the week, and I feel like I am constantly waiting for a machine or equipment. Some days I even have to switch up my plan because there are too many people and not enough squat racks so I end up working out upper body! It can certainly be frustrating when you have to change up your routine because there are other people using what you want to use!


Gym can get expensive. Yes, it is another expense. Unfortunately, you have to pay a membership to use the gym, and if you want special access to classes, sport courts, or the sauna, you most likely have to pay more each month. However, if you will get a lot of use out of it, and you will benefit from it, it would totally be worth it for you!

No privacy

It’s a public place. You can’t blast your music as loud as you want (without headphones) and you can’t always wear what you want. Some days I work out in mismatch clothes at home, and I 100% would NOT wear that outfit out in public, EVER. I don’t care that much what people think of me, but I care a little! If you like your privacy, attending a gym may make you feel uncomfortable and can distract you from getting in an effective workout.

Gym Workout Pros


Gyms have ALL the equipment!!!! They are literally stacked with all the equipment you could possibly need for a workout. They have machines, dumbbell weights, plates, medicine balls, mats, and kettlebells, to name a few. Then, there are classes you can take and pools you can swim in. Gyms are truly a helpful tool for weight loss, and muscle building, and they continue to improve.


Other people can motivate you! As I mentioned earlier, I like competition. I like to challenge myself to work hard, and I notice that I push myself harder when I am around people. It is purely psychological, but I truly feel more motivated when I see others working out hard at the gym. It makes me want to work hard too.

For all fitness levels

Gyms are for individuals at all fitness levels. I often hear people say, “Oh gyms are only for people who know what they’re doing.” This discourages me because it is such a misconception. Sure you don’t want to just sit down at a machine without a clue of how to use it, BUT there are such helpful tools on each machine!

First, the machines are all named. Then they tell you EXACTLY which muscle or muscle groups the machine targets. Lastly, the step by step instructions for each machine are indicated WITH labels! You might not know what to do when you first walk in, but remember, everyone has had a first day at the gym. Everyone has read the labels to figure out how to properly work the machine. If that’s not for you, then it’s okay! Gyms aren’t for everyone, and they don’t need to be!

I hope this post helped you in your decision to exercise at home, or at the gym. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, heck I do both! Like I said, I refuse to go to the gym on Mondays, so instead, I work out at home! However, on the weekends, the gym is totally dead so that’s when I work out at the gym!

Find what works best for you, and what you are the most comfortable with. If squatting at a squat rack or running on the treadmill isn’t fun for you, THAT IS OKAY! There are MANY other ways for you to move your body. Try some online workout videos, or maybe take a Zumba class.

No matter how you exercise, remember, it should feel good, and it should make you happy. Don’t workout because you hate your body or because you know you “should” work out. Do it because you love how it makes you feel, and because it brings you joy!

Comment below if you are a gym-goer or an at-home workout fan!

Happy Sunday friends

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