8 Stretches to Relieve Neck and Back Pain

As you all know by now, I started my new fancy adult office job. I love the job, but I spend all eight hours of my shift sitting. I sit during my lunch break, and I sit on the train to and from work as well!

It’s a lot of sitting throughout the day, and I realize SO MANY other people have similar jobs. Are you also someone who sits all day looking at a computer screen? Do you have neck or back pain?

Well friend, I have good news for you! You do NOT have to live with this so called tension and pain. One very simple action we can take to better care for our bodies is: We can STRETCH!!!!

You are probably thinking, “HAHAHAHAHAHA I never stretch!” I get it, I am in the same boat as you! However, stretching is great for getting blood flowing through the body, relieving tension, increasing flexibility, and improving quality of sleep!

While stretching may not solve all of your life problems, it is a fantastic and simple start to helping your body feel better!

If you are someone who sits for long periods of time, or someone who has chronic neck and back pain, instead of reaching for pain reliever pills, try stretching!

I Challenge YOU!

Make it a new habit to stretch at night before bed to relax and loosen tense muscles. I challenge you to stretch for 5-10 minutes every night for ONE WEEK and see if you notice a difference.

You can do any stretches that feel good for you like reaching down to touch your toes to get a nice glute and back stretch!

Whichever stretches you decide, make sure you hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds. You should feel your muscle pulling slightly. Remember to breathe through the stretch and always stretch out both sides!

Here are 8 stretches that will make your neck and back feel super relaxed! Feel free to copy mine or find your own routine. Ready, set, STRETCH!!!

Happy stretching, happy muscles, and happy Sunday friends!

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